Here's the Game Plan

Please find below our action plan for the mining project. We have outlined a series of actions that will lead to the mining of your own real gemstones. We will also propose a range of activities designed to continuously develop the EmeraldsDAO community. Our goal is for the entire community to prosper through their involvement in this project, by steadily increasing their holdings of these precious gems. We are committed to forging new strategic partnerships and directing our marketing efforts towards the success of the EmeraldsDAO project. Keep scrolling to discover the benefits we have prepared for our community!
The EmeraldsDAO project has 11 levels in its plan, each with specific objectives. All steps have been carefully planned with increasing difficulty and potential for greater revenue associated with their completion. Completing each step is expected to increase the project’s value and provide profits to collectors. By achieving its milestones, EmeraldsDAO will make significant progress towards becoming a top producer and supplier of high-quality emeralds in the global market, which is the ultimate goal of our project.

The locomotive with carts below illustrates the current state of the funds collected for the development of the EmeraldsDAO project. Each cart represents a milestone that the collected funds allow us to achieve.

As we unlock more carts, our NFT collections also grow, allowing collectors to earn unique rewards. More information about the collections can be found in the NFT section.