Our Jewelry Brand

The emerald, commonly known as “ESMERALDA,” is a unique natural gemstone that has become our inspiration and symbol of beautiful, natural women.


The shapes and surfaces of natural emeralds are not perfect. They have grooves, irregularities, their own shades and structures, indicating their uniqueness and extraordinary nature. That’s why emeralds resonate so much with the image of women. Stories, full of different experiences and “imperfections,” make them beautiful, valuable, and so unique.


In seeking our own path in creating jewelry, we want to focus on what matters to women. We look for symbols, aiming for you to be able to combine jewelry into sets that highlight your individual beauty.


When we create the design of our jewelry, we already imagine how you will wear it, because we know that jewelry worn close to the body must be equally beautiful and comfortable. We want it to enchant you every time you look in the mirror while wearing it. “That’s when it will be perfect.”


Natural, authentic, feminine, and meaningful – that’s what our ESMERALDA jewelry will be.