Since the times of ancient Egypt, emeralds have enchanted members of royal families. Cleopatra was famous for her love of emeralds, and the legendary Crown of the Andes, which was made from a solid block of gold, contained 477 emeralds, the largest of which came from the treasury of the Inca king Atahualpa.

Emeralds DAO is a project that connects DAOs, emeralds, and charity into a single initiative. Our primary gemstone is the emerald.

The financial crises of recent years have led to an increased interest in alternative ways to allocate capital, which are not considered traditional forms (such as works of art, precious metals, coins, and alcohol). The concept of sustainable development also applies to making informed decisions, where potential buyers have full knowledge of the project they want to join. Therefore, the question arises: Are alternative ways to secure capital consistent with the principles of sustainable development, particularly social responsibility? Our project aims to link alternative ways to secure capital with the concept of sustainable development because not all alternatives are socially responsible. Our partners who prioritize sustainable development in their financial decisions should consider not only economic profit, but also social and ecological responsibility. With these considerations in mind, we have created our DAO project.

DAO – A new way of managing a technological organization. Will decentralized solutions change the internet, or are they just a utopian idea of a few enthusiasts? DAOs are just beginning their development, and we are trying to describe what they are.


DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is, in a nutshell, an organization managed democratically through the voting of all interested stakeholders. DAO allows for anonymous voting because each participant is identified using a blockchain token. This blockchain enables the organization to make quick and democratic decisions.


DAO is the basic unit that manages projects in Web3. It allows for the creation of a product that meets specific user requirements, as well as a community that can work democratically and collaboratively to create solutions.


The most popular forms of DAO are based on users, who have a shared cryptocurrency wallet and collectively decide how to allocate money (e.g. NFTs or specific cryptocurrencies); grant-based, which support the creators of a specific application with funds, as well as community-based DAOs (such as guilds in MMO games, where the most important thing is to meet and spend time together online or in other hobbies). There are also media DAOs (where audiences decide on the content produced by creators), as well as project DAOs that seek developers and other workers for projects, usually related to Web3.

Check how we can protect your money from losing its value, we can even multiply them for You.

You have certainly heard of acquiring gold, cryptocurrencies, or silver. There are also many other assets in which you can transfer part of your capital and protect it from inflation. Did you know that you can start acquiring precious stones by yourself? It is a very profitable way, and you do not need any specialized knowledge from advisors. Find out how easy it is to transfer your capital to precious stones. All you need to do is simply and easily acquire your share of DAO in our project EMERALDS and become part of our community. If you decide to join Emeralds DAO project, you can be almost certain that this commodity on the market is not subject to such violent price fluctuations. As a result, you can anticipate rewards in the form of annual emerald giveaways, all without any concerns or worries. Additionally, we can be sure that the demand for precious minerals never decreases, making this way of seuring capital highly recommended and very lucrative.

What is an emerald?

From a mineralogy standpoint, emerald is a type of beryl, a mineral belonging to the group of cyclosilicates. It is distinguished by its characteristic green color, which is widely used today to describe a specific shade of green – emerald green. The Roman writer Pliny the Elder wrote in his encyclopedia of natural history that nothing is greener than an emerald. He also wrote that looking at an emerald is soothing and relieves fatigue and weariness. Today, science confirms that the color green soothes stress and eye fatigue. The characteristic color of emeralds is due to chromium ions, less commonly vanadium and iron.

Color: Like diamonds, emeralds are valued according to the 4C principle, which includes color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. However, while diamonds and sapphires come in a variety of colors, emeralds only occur in shades of green. This is why color is given much more attention when evaluating emeralds than it is for other gemstones. This is because the human eye can see many more shades and variations of green than any other color. When evaluating sapphires, both the color and tone and saturation are taken into account, as well as the hue. Like other precious stones, some emeralds undergo heat treatment to enhance their color. This information should be included in the certificate (heated or unheated/non-heated/natural). Stones that have not been heated and have a natural color are more highly valued.

Clarity: When it comes to clarity, emeralds are different from diamonds. With diamonds, the number of inclusions affects the stone’s value. Emeralds, on the other hand, are naturally included and there is no such thing as an emerald that is completely free of inclusions (the exception is synthetic emeralds, which do not have significant value). With emeralds, inclusions are generally accepted and even admired. They are described as “le jardin” in French, meaning “the garden.”

Cut: Like diamonds, emeralds are cut to bring out their natural beauty and color. The decision about the shape is up to the cutter, who will take the stone in hand and examine it carefully, taking into account issues such as inclusions, minimal material loss, and those features that can translate into a better effect when using a particular cut. The most popular cut for emeralds is the emerald cut (also used for other gemstones), but you can also find other types of cuts, such as cushion or pear.”

Carat weight: Just like with other precious stones, larger emeralds are much rarer and therefore their price per carat is much higher. However, this does not change the fact that even smaller emeralds can be priced higher than diamonds of comparable weight.
Aquiring precious stones is not for everyone, but for those who love precious stones and fine luxury jewelry. History shows that prices for rare gemstones consistently rise, making participation in this market a good alternative to other solutions more prone to inflation. Jewelry with precious stones is not only a way to secure capital but also a source of beauty and a practical addition to many styles

What is the social responsibility of our business?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a management strategy that assumes companies voluntarily consider social interests, particularly relationships with social groups in the area where business activities are conducted. This allows businesses to contribute to responsibly shaping the conditions for sustainable economic and social development of the environment.


Corporate social responsibility is a concept that involves taking into account the relationship between two spheres – business and society – in a way that the organization takes responsibility for the impact of its decisions and actions on society and the environment in which it operates. The company’s conduct should be transparent and ethical, so that all interested parties can verify how the organization operates.


The concept of corporate social responsibility and its tools. Because corporate social responsibility is just a concept, we need specific principles and tools for its assumptions to be implemented in our business activities. What does it really mean for us to act responsibly socially? Does acting responsibly mean acting charitably, so as to help those in need and share the fruits of our joint work with them? How can the Emeralds DAO project change the lives and fate of employed miners and their families? Can our actions contribute to improving their material and living conditions? What have we already done in this direction?


As Emeralds DAO, we declare that 3% of our profits will go directly to a foundation that will support the local community. In addition, as a responsible employer, we will employ people on fair and stable terms, and we will also endeavor to transfer knowledge and technology that will help in the development of the community and the entire area.


Be charitable

You can also contribute to feeding starving families in Brazil by clicking on the Charity tab and purchasing an NFT from the Charity collection. By doing so, you will help feed at least one hungry family. It may not seem like much, but it means a lot to these people. Each $25 we collect allows us to provide basic food products for a four-person family for a month.