1. General information

You can find all the basic information about the EmeraldsDAO project on the emeraldsdao.com website, primarily under the "IDEA" and "DAO" tabs. 

EmeraldsDAO LTD Hong Kong is responsible for leading the project. You can learn more about the founders of the EmeraldsDAO LTD under the "TEAM" tab. Our team has successfully completed SolidProof's KYC process.

The functions of our tokens primarily serve building community purposes, allowing participants to achieve rewards for commitment with the maximum possible degree of security, ensured by overcollateralization in the form of deposits of precious stones extracted from our mines.

To join us, you need to purchase the appropriate NFT under the "Buy now" tab and make the purchase using a cryptocurrency wallet such as Metamask wallet. Instructions for setting up a wallet and purchasing an NFT can be found below. emeraldsdao.com/how-to-buy

2. EmeraldsDAO NFTs

You can use cryptocurrencies such as ETH, USDT, BNB, BUSD, AVAX, MATIC to purchase EmeraldsDAO NFTs. 

The number of tokens available depends on the type of NFT. EmeraldsDAO offers four different NFTs tailored to a wide range of collectors.

EmeraldsDAO offers collectors options customized to their requirements. As the value of commitment increases, so do the privileges of NFT ownership. The features of tokens can be found in the table below.


Due to the high activity of bots, our NFTs do not mint automatically. You will receive them within 72 hours to the wallet address specified in the order.  

3. Deposit

The deposit, which will be created based on the mining output, will be deposited in "Cassette Di Sicurezza Via Cantonale 1 Lugano Svizzera".

The value of the precious stones in the deposit will be evaluated by the largest and most trusted gemological lab in the world, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). 

The first emerald giveaway for collectors are planned after the profits from 2024 are calculated.